The Metallurgical Complex of La Oroya is composed of a unique set of smelters and refineries especially designed to transform the polymetallic ores typical of the Peruvian central Andes into ten metals (Copper, Zinc, Silver, Lead, Indium, Bismuth, Gold, Selenium, Tellurium and Antimony) and nine by-products (Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, Arsenic Trioxide, Oleum, Sodium Bisulfate, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Dust, Zinc-Silver Concentrates. 

The smelters and refineries of La Oroya comprise one of the world's most technically challenging metallurgical facilities, combining in one same place the diverse technologies and processes needed to transform polymetallic concentrates and extract from them high value elements such as Silver, Indium, Bismuth and others.

The metallurgical facilities at La Oroya include three independent yet totally integrated circuits: Zinc, Copper, Lead and a precious metals sub circuit.  Consequently, production at La Oroya consists of many diverse and intricate processes, thanks to the special knowledge and expertise acquired over time.

Starting in 1997 with the arrival of Doe Run Peru, a process of continued and progressive improvements was set in motion, including a modernization across the board of all productive aspects at the Metallurgical Complex. The results and beneficial effects for the population of La Oroya of these efforts are now becoming apparent.  These improvements include a dramatic reduction in stack and fugitive emissions resulting a in a much improved air quality at La Oroya.  Also, any measurable polluting in the effluent discharges of the Complex has been completely eliminated.

These accomplishments have won independent third party recognition. Last May a technical delegation of The Blacksmith Institute of New York visited our facilities.  Their conclusions and findings may be read here and in

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