Responsabilidad Social / Metallurgical Complex of La Oroya

Metallurgical Complex of La Oroya

Since 1997 Doe Run Peru has considered working with the neighboring communities in La Oroya and Cobriza a priority. Doe Run Peru works with 13 communities in the surroundings of La Oroya and 8 communities in the surroundings of Cobriza in a series of programs that prioritize health, educational infrastructure, environment and the development of new production chains, emphasizing above all the training skills required for leadership roles and change.

The working scheme with communities is based on two centers: development of community capacities for sustainable projects and support in the performance of projects involving social and economic development to encourage and enable sustainable development.

During the years working with the communities, Doe Run Peru has verified that the financial contribution to projects is as important as the possibility of growing through new innovative proposals that imply added value for the population and the region.

The Company´s intervention covers productive economic development (for instance, cattle improvement projects) as well as social development projects (health, education and training for small businesses).
All these projects aim at transcending local survival economy and substantially increasing community resources so as to attain competitive market participation.

Other programs have developed production chains and strategic alliances to unite production efforts and generate added value to community productivity. These programs include technological improvement and directing commercialization towards national and international markets.

In order to accomplish the goals established in social development projects, Doe Run Peru is constantly supporting public policies (health and education), working on the development of community training (social capital) and reaching out to benefit the greatest number of persons and institutions.

Doe Run Peru works with the following communities in La Oroya:

  1. COMUNIDAD SAN JERONIMO DE LA OROYA 3726 - 4100 mts.a.s.l.
  2. COMUNIDAD DE SANTA ROSA DE SACCO - 3700 mts.a.s.l.
  4. COMUNIDAD SAN FRANCISCO ASIS DE PUCARA 4375 - 4800 mts.a.s.l.
  6. COMUNIDAD SAN JOSE DE HUAYPACHA - 3800 mts.a.s.l. 
  7. COMUNIDAD DE CHACAPALPA - 3748 mts.a.s.l. 
  8. COMUNIDAD DE HUARI - 3780 mts.a.s.l.
  9. COMUNIDAD DE HUASHAPAMPA - 4000 mts.a.s.l.
  10. COMUNIDAD DE COLPA - 3800 mts.a.s.l.
  11. COMUNIDAD DE HUYHUAY - 3960 mts.a.s.l.
  12. COMUNIDAD DE SUITUCANCHA - 4420 mts.a.s.l.
  13. COMUNIDAD DE HUAYNACANCHA - 3730 mts.a.s.l

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