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Enviromental Indicators

In Doe Run Peru is very important to provide transparent information about the impact to the environment as result of its operations. This section provides information about air monitoring, emissions and discharges in rivers and tributaries in the city of La Oroya.

The company has a monitoring network for air and water quality that is supported by a strict process of control and quality assurance where important laboratories are involved.

The environmental monitoring is fully overseen by the regulator OSINERMING and has the participation of citizens through the Citizen Audit and Monitoring Committee composed by 15 social institutions from La Oroya.

Air emissions have been reduced as a result of the implementation of the PAMA projects. The emissions are below the monthly maximum permissible limits and close to reach environmental goals set by the regulators in Peru.

The liquid discharges, on the other hand, do not pollute the waters of the Mantaro River or any other river or tributary. Discharges, without exception, are suitable for irrigation of agricultural areas. Industrial waters are processed at the Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers achieving a significant reduction in the flow and keeping under control the content of lead and arsenic. Wastewater generated in the homes of the workers are treated in 03 treatment plants located in Chulec, Huaymanta and Fundicion before its discharge into the rivers Mantaro and Yauli.

Investments in infrastructure and the PAMA projects completed have allowed a significant improvement in environmental quality in the city of La Oroya evidenced through the results of environmental monitoring conducted by the Company.
The reports about PAMA is also available in the OSINERMING website, to go there please click here.

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